Une gamelle saine & responsable


We give priority to short supply circuit by going directly in the surrounding farm.

Fresh meat

Our recipes include fresh meat for a complete nutritionnal intake.

Grain free

Less carbohydrates, less allergies : suits the dogs with fragile intestins .

100% natural



Eco-friendly packaging with respect to the forests and their inhabitants.

Approved by experts

Our recipes are elaborated by nutritionists and validated in labs by veterinarians.


Parce qu’on trouve important de favoriser les ingrédients que l’on trouve localement, nous avons sillonné la Belgique principalement et ses environs afin de trouver un maximum d’ingrédients de notre recette le plus près possible. C'est par exemple le cas du poulet frais, des pois, des orties, des graines de lin, ou encore des chicorées utilisés dans notre recette. 

Odoo • Texte et Image
viande fraiche colonel gustave

Fresh meat

We use fresh meat in our dry food to guarantee maximum quality. We keep only the good stuff and banned the rest : no bones, no beak, no feather, no leg or cartilage. We only kept the best of the chickens for our pooches to receive premium meals.

Grain free

To guarantee a diet that respects your dog's physiology, we have created a recipe without cereals. This ensures that your doggie will grow and be healthy at the same time.

A grain-free bowl is necessary for fragile-intestines or gluten-intolerant dogs. On top of that, it allows to decrease the carbohydrates level and keep it as low as possible.

It's important to replace cereals by a qualitative nutritional value. That's why we replaced them with carefully selected ingredients like for example (soon to be biological) belgian peas used in permaculture.

sans céréales colonel gustave
colonel gustave

100% natural

NAFNAC : No artificial flavors, no artificial colour.

For a food of maximum quality, we have chosen only the best. Our recipes are 100% naturals. No GMO, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no preservatives and no additives : we only keep the good stuff! :-)

Optimal recipe    

Dogs are mainly carnivorous beings as they have a short intestine designed to digest meat. This is why we provide more than 50% of animal proteins. The rest is a mixture of herbs and plants with just the right amount of fruit and vegetables as a bonus. Indeed, plants bring a great added value as long as they are well used and not in too large quantities. After all, we have never seen a dog devour a vegetable garden. The reason is simple: in the wild, wolves find these nutrients by devouring the intestines of their prey. Today, they are added to recipes for a perfect nutritional intake! 

Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Image et Texte

Experts aproved

Our recipes have been developed with expert nutritionists to provide the perfect balance between the different nutrients. The recipes are then validated by an independent veterinary practice.

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