The Colonel Gustave famous box
Story on a packaging like no other

A "suitcase" made of  FSC cardboard, a spout as well as a handle to hold a local recipe. This was never seen in the pet food sector. Some say that few people take the risk and there are many reasons for this. In this article, we will explain why we made this choice and what the barriers were.

"It's the consumer's fault"

Right from the start of the project, it seemed important to us to design a packaging that respected the environment. Today, we recycle plastic more and more, but you never know what will happen to it once it is thrown away. It could be processed properly, or it could end up stored off the coast of Liberia or Sierra Leone at the mercy of the slightest gust of wind that blows this little piece of plastic into the Atlantic Ocean.


So rather than acting like the most polluting companies who accuse the end consumers by lecturing them to sort properly, we prefer to take the problem at face value and offer our product in a packaging that respects the environment.

Our choice

There are several solutions, but two of them were of particular interest to us. Biodegradable packaging or cardboard. The aim of our action is obviously to have 0% plastic. 

So-called "biodegradable" non-natural packaging is much better than simple plastic packaging because it will degrade more quickly if, by some misfortune, it gets into the wild. What is not said, however, is that it is industrially biodegradable. There are a few factories abroad that take care of these packagings, but how many of them make it to this factory? From a marketing point of view, it's great, but from an environmental point of view, we can offer better than that. 

Cardboard is one of the most environmentally friendly materials today. It is often made from recycled paper and cardboard. It is strong enough to be used several times. Once its use is over, it can be recycled again to start a new life or it will decompose quickly. In our case, we have therefore chosen to work with FSC cardboard because it comes from sustainably managed forests. The aim is to protect the forest in which we source our supplies and the people who live there, however diverse they may be.


Improve the experience

Once the choice of material was made, the design was considered. With a "suitcase" system, we could actually combine three solutions to things that usually cause problems. 

The first problem to solve is about air! Your dog is very happy when he sees his new bag arrive, but is much less attracted a few weeks later? This is normal, a bag that has remained open has lost all its freshness because it has remained in contact with the air. The more it is in contact with the air, the more it loses its appetence. This was the first thing we wanted to solve. The Colonel Gustave dryfood keeps all its flavour because the box has a quick & simple closure.

The second one is about the handle. No more heavy bags you have to carry at arms length, now it's time for a comfortable handle that will make shopping fun and even allow you to easily go on a mop with your dog. After all, that's all he wants. 

To top it all off, we've installed a spout that allows you to pour without wasting a crumb. With that, no more excuses if you put some aside ;-)

Months of elaboration

It all started from a drawing and a mini-model made by our friend Gustave. Afterwards, we received a few proposals and various comfort tests for the handle and the spout, but also resistance tests for the weight to be supported. To create all this, it took us almost 6 months of work with our Belgian partner. We are very happy with the result and we hope you will be just as happy with it. 

A single format (for the moment)

After contacting various players in the market, we decided to make a 6kg portable format. This allows an average dog to do the test for a few weeks.

For the rest of the project, we will create various formats in order to satisfy as many people as possible. Do you have a format preference? Do not hesitate to let us know by sending us a short message.

And then?

We have already told you about the project itself, our recipe, the packaging. So we will be releasing a new article to explain the logistical details, the new investments we have been able to make thanks to you, but also the new features that will soon be available on our site.

Our first recipe
Tale of an appetizing recipe